Investing in great entrepreneurs since 1989

We invest in businesses we believe in and strive to be the partner we ourselves would like to have.

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what we do

We invest in businesses built by people we believe in

Our goal is to identify entrepreneurial companies with devoted owners that possess an aspiration to maintain and increase the value of their company.

SwediaCapital has a broad investment portfolio containing everything from companies using wheelbarrows to those that develop the latest technology in life science. Regardless of industry, our investments are very key person dependent. We place trust in the people who devote their time and focus to increase their company’s value and expect them to treat us well as co-owners.

As we invest our own money we only answer to ourselves. That enables the long term view necessary for our investments to grow to their full potential. We do not believe in exit driven investment strategies. At present our portfolio contains approximately 50 companies with a combined revenue of SEK 3 209 million.

jonas jalar, ceo, arctic falls:

“I appreciate the way Staffan and Fredrik make business. They show a genuine commitment and interest in Arctic Falls, without interfering in our way of running the company."

Fredrik Persson och Staffan Persson, Swedia Capital

Our owners

Family business

SwediaCapital was founded by Staffan Persson in 1989. The investment company is family owned and run by Staffan Persson and his son Fredrik Persson. Major investment decisions are shared between the two of them, but the responsibility for particular investments is divided. The level of involvement in the investments is determined by the needs of the respective company. They have a seat on the board in about a quarter of their investments.


Staffan Perssons Stiftelse

In 2021 SwediaCapital will establish the foundation Staffan Perssons Stiftelse.
As major owner of the investment company Staffan Persson has donated ten percent of SwediaCapital to the newly established foundation. The return and any additional capital contributed at a later stage will constitute the trust's funds.

“SwediaCapital and its companies are dependent on a working society, not least to meet recruitment needs. One big challenge is the decline in social mobility. We want to be able to financially support improvement initiatives made by the civil society in local communities, in the cultural and educational field as well as through leisure activities.” Staffan Persson