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Arctic Falls

Arctic Falls was the first Swedish company to offer a permanent proving ground for vehicle and tyre testing on snow and ice. The company is still in the lead and top brands in the industry regularly utilize the in- and outdoor facilities at the test site in Älvsbyn, in the north of Sweden.

Jonas Jalar was one of three buyers of the company in 2008 and has since held the role as CEO. SwediaCapital did not emerge as co-owner until January 2021, but the relationship dates back several years through a mutual financial interest in the Piteå-based company Darkathlon that owns facilities for indoor winter testing.

“We know that SwediaCapital share our long term view. That, in combination with our knowledge of Staffan and Fredrik Persson’s great competence as investors and business intelligence analysts, makes it great to have them on the board,” says Jonas Jalar.

Under Jonas Jalar’s leadership the company revenue has grown from SEK 21 million to SEK 81 million. The additional equity from SwediaCapital aim to further increase the positive growth.

“I appreciate the way Staffan and Fredrik make business. They show a genuine commitment and interest in Arctic Falls, without interfering in our way of running the company. I know that I can approach them at any time with any type of query, and I will always get good and useful feedback,” says Jonas Jalar.

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Breakit is a Swedish business news site focusing on the new technology and the innovations reshaping the world of business. SwediaCapital’s engagement in this fast growing news channel was initiated already at the seed stage.

“I approached Staffan Persson to get his input on our sales pitch to raise funding. This meeting ended with a hand shake and Staffan being one of our investors,” says Breakit co-founder Stefan Lundell.

That meeting took place in 2014. Today Fredrik Persson is a board member. In 2020 the company had a turnover of 33 million SEK.

“Entrepreneurs love knowledgeable investors that can make good and fast decisions. During my 20 years as a journalist I have covered a lot of different types of venture capitalists, from huge institutions to more agile investors. The Persson family is definitely one of the best to have on board. They work with their own money. They are competent. And decisions can be made during an ongoing meeting. Staffan and Fredrik Persson’s good reputation and network has also been a door opener that has given us valuable access to other investors,” says Stefan Lundell.

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GreenGold is an independent Pan-European forest investment company specialized in timberland ownership and management.

“We want to make forest investments available for everyone”, says Sorin Chiorescu, founder and CEO at GreenGold. ”Forests are a long term, stable and green investment for future generation. Unlike the large traditional forest companies our goal is not to run forestry to ensure the availability of raw materials for an industrial plant, but to optimize and increase the long-term value of our assets.”

GreenGold aims to become a significant forest owner and is actively acquiring forest properties across Europe. SwediaCapital was one of three anchor investors entering the company in 2018.

“We were looking for investors with a good track record – people like Staffan and Fredrik who are knowledgeable and sophisticated, but at the same time able to make quick and sharp decisions” says Sorin Chiorescu and adds;

“To work with people, not fully occupied with the daily focus of running a fully operational business, that have time to keep up the business intelligence - that brings new and professional aspects to our business.”

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Opti is a fintech start-up that provides financial asset management through an easy-to-use mobile platform.  

“We want to help our customers to investment, and make asset management available to everybody - at half price compared to a normal fund,” says founder Jonas Hombert.

SwediaCapital invested in the company in 2017 just before the launch of the asset management service. In 2021 the Opti-app had more than 250 000 downloads.

“From day one I have worked with a 15 year perspective. We needed investors that share our long-term view and wanted for that reason to avoid the traditional venture capital companies,” says Jonas Hombert.  

SwediaCapital turned out to be a great match.  

“They are just as active as an investor should be. Both Staffan and Fredrik stand by us when we need them, ready to be a sounding board and to support us in crucial decisions. They always call a spade a spade which makes the communication clear and straight. Decisions come fast. They have certainly helped us in becoming the fast growing company that we are today,” says Jonas Hombert.

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The construction company Sveab is SwediaCapital’s largest holding. CEO Tobias Andersson founded the company in 2002, and in 2009 the Persson family became the principal owner. With customers in the public sector Sveab offers construction and excavation services in a wide range of infrastructure and development work, like roads, railways and water and sewage projects.

“It’s been more than a decade of great collaboration”, says Tobias Andersson. “Staffan Persson is an extremely competent partner with a long-term vision that has helped us develop the company in the right direction. Having Staffan as chairman of the group has also helped me as well as my colleagues to grow professionally. ”

Tobias Andersson, who chairs the operating companies, values the fact that SwediaCapital never interferes in the operational side of the business.

“Staffan has given us the responsibility for their investment. That is a trust not given without demand, but even in tough situations we are allowed the space needed to solve any challenges.”

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Linköping based SyntheticMR develops and markets innovative software solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that supports more precise diagnosis, reliable monitoring and personalized treatment strategies. The company was founded in 2007 by Marcel Warntjes who has developed the unique technique used by a growing number of health providers globally.

“Staffan Persson was one of the first investors as he entered during the first development phase more than a decade ago, which truly shows a long term commitment,” says Ulrik Harrysson, who took on the role as CEO in 2019 with a mission to develop new sales channels worldwide, initially focusing on the US, Japan, India and EU.

With just below 30 percent of the company shares SwediaCapital is the largest owner.

“It is a great asset to have Staffan on the board. He is an active and engaged owner. His profound knowledge of the company has been very positive for the company’s development. As CEO I particularly appreciate the trust he conveys in the people appointed”, says Ulrik Harrysson who has an experienced background in pharmaceuticals and Medtech.


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