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We like to invest in owner-managed businesses

Early on in his career Staffan Persson discovered that the dealings he enjoyed most was with enterprises where executives share a stake in the company´s success. Following the “skin in the game” theory he has since focused on owner-led companies where the driving force tend to benefit from the positive influence of culture, values and commitment.

"It has always annoyed me that buyers so often lack an understanding for the companies they buy, as that often lead to mismanagement."
Staffan Persson

Founders tend to guard the control of their companies and we have no intention to challenge that. SwediaCapital wants to partner with strenuous, long-term owners. Ideally we keep a minority share in the company. That creates the best conditions for a good partnership, where we can be the partner we ourselves would like to have.

We believe in trust and in common sense. Our starting point is to interfere as little as possible in the daily business. At the same time we make ourselves available to assist, if needed. We are happy to absorb and help solve our partner´s problems. We believe our entrepreneurs generally label us as low maintenance investors.  

As we invest our own money we only answer to ourselves. The fact that we don’t need to negotiate with external investors enables us to have the long term view we desire. We don’t need to sell.

“If you work with other people´s money it’s hard to work on a long term basis. All of a sudden someone wants to withdraw their investment. That affects what kind of risk you are prepared to take and the order and speed in which you can progress. Our time perspective is a great competitive advantage. We don’t have to sell.”  
Fredrik Persson

Arctic Falls

Arctic Falls.





Our owners

SwediaCapital was founded by Staffan Persson in 1989. The investment company is family owned and run by Staffan Persson and his son Fredrik Persson.

Major investment decisions are shared between the two of them, but the responsibility for particular investments is divided. The level of involvement in the investments is determined by the needs of the respective company. They have a seat on the board in about a quarter of their investments.

“Fredrik and I complement each other, learn from each other and respect each other’s opinion. If we agreed on everything the critical thinking would have stopped. Different views is a way to gain new insights and this awareness is a great help when steering the same ship.”
Staffan Persson